Sailing can be cheap

cheap sailing

Do you dream of a nautical vacation and think it's out of reach?

Let's bust myths and show you that sailing can be cheap.
Boating has always been seen as a hobby for wealthy people. But this is something that is changing more and more.

At first glance it may seem that renting a boat can be very expensive. But if you crunch the numbers, you may be surprised to find just the opposite.
By renting a boat you no longer have to spend money on a hotel. Nor do you need to rent a car to be able to visit the best coves. The boat is the means of transportation that takes you to the beachfront. From the boat you have access to the best possible views, and also with a natural swimming pool.

If we look at the catering side of things, a week on a boat can be much more economical than a week in a hotel. Compare the cost of having a beer or a cocktail in one of the trendy holiday spots and the cost of the same, simply opening the fridge on your boat and watching the sunset in a cove. Make the same comparison on what you would spend in restaurants in tourist areas. On your boat you have everything at hand. Every day you can eat whatever you want at whatever time you want. No reservations, no long waits in restaurants. (Provided you have ordered a good initial purchase, of course).

Still don't believe that sailing can be cheap?

Numbers don't lie. So let's take a practical example in the middle of August in Ibiza.

Rent a week sailing boat in August in Ibiza (for 8 people) 5200 €.
Purchase food and drink for 8 people 120 x 8 = 960 €.
Fuel for the boat for the whole week 150 € approximately (depending on how much you want to sail or change of cove).
Total trip 6310 € euros divided between 8 people, the cost per person would be less than 788 €.

Hotel for 8 people in a 3*** hotel in Ibiza 5200 €.
Car rental about 130 per day for 7 days for two cars is 1820 €.
Meals in restaurants minimum 60 € per day, for 7 days for 8 people total 3360 €.
Total 10380 € divided by 8 people, the cost per person would be 1297 €.

All this is approximate data, since the hotel can be more or less expensive, depending on preferences. The cost of restaurants and the rental car is the same. It depends on what you want to spend at any given time.
The cost of fuel if the boat is rented on the mainland may be a little higher. But if the boat is rented in Ibiza and it is simply to change coves, the cost will probably be much less than the 150 euros/week included in the previous budget. Another important saving if you leave the mainland, is that you can save the cost of the plane or ferry.
The cost of food purchased before boarding, may be less than what it says in the previous budget. Or it can be more, depending on the culinary whims you want to have on board.
The price of the boat rental can also change according to preferences. For example, if you prefer a catamaran, it is usually a little more expensive.

There are a thousand ways to enjoy the sea

What is important and what we want you to have clear, is that a sailing vacation is a vacation available to almost everyone. And that sailing can be cheap, since both renting the whole boat, as reserving the places you need with our system of place to place, the price per person for a week can be between 700 and 800 euros.
Ask us any questions about sailing trips. Send us a message to with your preferences and available dates and we will send you a personalized quote. Or enter the search engine of the platform and see the options and offers published.

A week on a sailboat is a connection with nature. It is relaxation and fun. Sunbathing on the deck of the sailboat. Enjoying water sports. Going down to the trendy beach clubs. Take a shore excursion. Visiting the hippie markets. Sailing from cove to cove feeling the wind on your skin.

There are a thousand ways to enjoy the sea, and at we offer you all of them.
Whether you rent a boat only with your family, or rent only the places you need with our place to place system, we want to help you make your vacations unforgettable.