Sailing trips Do you like sailing? 

sailing trips

Surely you have often thought about what it would be like to be the one driving the boat, to enjoy a vacation alone with your loved ones or simply to go sailing whenever you feel like it. 


Nowadays there are many options for sailing, without having to buy a boat, since the nautical sector is booming. 


In our day-to-day life we are always running around, with a thousand pending tasks and we always put off dedicating time to ourselves.


Taking a break and going sailing recharges you for your day to day life .Whether it's an afternoon, a weekend or a week. Whether it's a relaxing stroll or a sailing trip on a heel. Disconnecting while sailing makes you reconnect with more strength. A kit kat at sea gives you more benefits than any other activity, for the feeling of freedom and contact with nature.


Do you want to be the captain and set the course of your adventures? Enter our search engine and find the plans that best suit your tastes. Also, if you do not fit the dates, you can always send us an email with your preferences to We will gladly send you personalized options and budgets.


In the search engine you have many options for whole boat rentals.


If you want to learn how to sail, it is best that at the beginning you go out with other sailors, and that you make use of the sailboat trips from square to square. 


The main advantage of the square to square sailing trips is that you do not depend on your group of friends or family to arrange an outing. You enter the search engine, choose the date, area and the number of places you need, be it one, two or as many as you need. 


Now is the ideal time to start preparing yourself so that next summer you can safely drive a boat on your own.


The type of sailing trips you can find are:


  • Half or full day trips: They are ideal to make a kit kat in our busy day to day. Do some tacking, learn to trim the sails, to take the helm ... Have a beer and have a laugh with people like you who want to enjoy and learn ... .... Going out, even if it's just for a few hours sailing, makes you disconnect like few other recreational activities do.
  • Weekends and long weekends. In trips of several days the level of disconnection is much higher. It gives the feeling that the problems stay on land and you enjoy twice as much. Before planning longer trips, a weekend is ideal to get in touch with what it is like to sleep on the boat, live with other crew members, see how to prepare a trip, check the weather... Undoubtedly unforgettable experiences.
  • Courses of official practices. If what you want is to get the official title, in addition to prepare the theory on your own or through a nautical academy, you must do the official practices to be able to have the title. In the search engine you will be able to find plans to do the official practices so much of PER, as of Skipper of Yacht, Captain of Yacht and the qualification to sail and extension to Balearic Islands.
  • Courses to learn how to trim the sails and steer boats. We have specific courses if you already have an official qualification, but you feel a bit lost and you want to get some practice. Unfortunately the system of titles in Spain is very short with the practices. Official internships are usually no more than 48 hours. With so little time it is not possible to acquire the necessary practice for the handling of boats. With the "Learn and enjoy" courses you will learn the main maneuvers. For example learning to anchor, to trim the sails and to handle the rudder. Also the preparation before the crossing, such as stowage, weather forecasting and estimation of the route.


As you can see, there are many options to get started and improve your sailing skills so that you can feel more and more confident and be able to sail a sailboat on your own with your family and friends.


The benefits of the seaare many and enjoying them is much easier with