Yachtsman or nautical tourist?

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Are you one of those who, when you get on a sailboat, only think about taking out the sail and turning off the engine? Do you always keep an eye on the trimming of the sails? Do you get a rush when the speed goes up half a knot after a little bit of hunting for the genoa? If you love the sound of the sea and the wind. If you love to take part in the manoeuvres and you enjoy every task on the boat. You are definitely a sailor.

As a navigator, you have several options in navegaycomparte

One option is to rent a complete boat. If you only occupy your place or need few places, you can publish the places you have available on the platform. Through the platform, like-minded crew members contact you to share the experience and share both the rental costs and other expenses. To find the right travel companions, it is important to fill in the public profile. The more information you fill in your profile, the more likely you are to find like-minded people.

In the public profile you can fill in details such as whether you like to anchor in coves or moor in harbours, as the style of travel is completely different. You can fill in your level of experience at sea. If you like to sail with friends or as a couple. You can indicate if you are a smoker or not. Are you interested in regattas or sailing trips? Are you an adventurer who is attracted by big crossings? In addition to ticking off these questions, you also have a free space to tell and complement things about yourself that you would like to share. The boat is a small space and the more things you share with your fellow sailors, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

If what you like is to enjoy the sea without worrying about the manoeuvres of the boats. If you prefer to relax in the best coves without worrying about whether the anchor is weighing. Paddle surfing, snorkelling and refreshing swims. Sunbathing on deck. If you like to go down to the trendiest beach clubs to watch the sunset. And you like to go down to the best restaurants in the area. No doubt you are a nautical tourist.

The options that the platform offers you as a nautical tourist are also various. If you want the whole boat just for you and your family, the best option is to rent the whole boat with a professional skipper. You can even hire a hostess if you don't want to worry about meals and keep the boat clean. The professional skipper will be in charge of taking care of the weather and advising you on the best places to go to make your holiday unforgettable.

Boat rental by places

If you want to go more on your own, without worrying about coinciding on holidays with friends, and worrying about fitting out a whole group, you have the option of renting a boat by places. You enter the platform, put in the search engine the date you want to go and the place and rent only your place or the places you need. It is an ideal way to meet people with the same interests as you.

Are you a sailor or a nautical tourist? Life is not all black and white. There are a lot of greys and shades, so you can be a bit of a yachtsman and a bit of a nautical tourist at the same time. Or a lot of one and a little of the other. On the platform you have options for everything. Take a look at the public profiles of skippers and crew members and find people similar to you, with whom you can share your nautical experiences.

There are thousands of different ways to enjoy the sea, and at we offer them all.

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