With all the ships in the ports, why are there so few ships sailing?

ships port

The reasons are very diverse: excessive bureaucracy, maintenance costs, activity that depends on the weather... we are going to try to analyse them all and try to find solutions.

The number of days a year that a boat owner can use it is rather low, since many requirements have to be met in order to enjoy a sailing trip:

  1. Time: between work and personal obligations, a lot of the 365 days in a year are already discarded.
  2. The boat has to be ready: that does not coincide with the engine overhaul, annual dry dock, itb, breakdown of any element of the boat, etc..
  3. The weather has to be good: no rain, a bit windy but not too windy?
  4. And when you have the three previous points in favour, you are ready to go sailing... and nobody around you has availability that day!

From www.navegaycomparte.com we invite you, the employers to whom this happens to you, to publish outings at zero cost or with shared expenses. When the crew members make the reservations, you can consult their profile and only approve the reservations of the profiles you like the most.

Another problem is the excessive Spanish bureaucracy. In principle, only the travel costs can be shared, not the maintenance costs. In practice this means that the owner of a boat can only ask for contributions to the costs of fuel, food, ports outside the base port and little more (in the case of not being an owner, you can also share the cost of renting the boat).

But there are other legal formulas to share maintenance costs, such as contract for the transfer of use, loan agreement, rental contract, sailing club ...

There is an urban legend that says that the same boat cannot be rented and used privately, but that is not entirely true.

The boats on list 7 (individuals) must be used exclusively by individuals, so if they are rented for one day only, they should be moved to list 6 (companies).

But the 6th list vessels (lucrative use) can also be used at private level, provided that they have not been exempted from registration tax. Explained differently, if you want to alternate private use and business use, you simply have to have the registration tax paid.

The % of VAT deduction is a more controversial issue, but this and the details of the types of contracts mentioned above will be explained in future articles.

In the meantime, if you are one of those skippers who wants to make more use of your boat, you can send us an email to administracion@navegaycomparte.com explaining your situation and we will help you.