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You can enjoy Sail and Share in two different ways:

Do you feel like sailing but you always find it difficult to coordinate with friends or family in terms of dates and tastes? You are not experienced enough to charter on your own and you prefer a professional skipper to go with you?

Do you feel like a vacation at sea? Do you have something to celebrate? Enjoy the sea with us. It can be done with or without skipper.

We can't control the wind but we can always adjust the sails

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Nautical titles in Spain
Surely you have often thought how much fun it would be to steer a pleasure boat and enjoy a day at sea with your family or friends. Take a dip or have a refreshment on deck, away from the crowded beaches in summer. Enjoy the sea breeze while sailing. Connect...
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  • liberty is a good way to put in contact the lovers of the sea, those who want to sail and do not have a boat and vice versa, there is always an option for you, come in and check it out!

  • patricia

    I didn't have a vacation planned and I booked with a friend a place to stay in Ibiza. An incredible experience that we will certainly repeat!

  • esther_navega-share

    My first experience with Navega y comparte was a year ago through their website. I was able to experience how rewarding it is to Sail a Schooner and be able to socialize with more people who share the Love of the Sea... like me!
    Since then I have been able to have different similar activities without having my own boat.
    Excellent idea!

  • jose_navega-share

    Getting to know this website has been a great experience, with a few simple steps you are surfing with good people, and the customer service is very good. They solved my doubts right away.

  • gabriel_navega-comparte

    For me, sailing is a passion and a necessity. Living far away from Valencia I often have to plan ahead to incorporate crew members into the boat so that I can go out sailing as often as I want. With everything is made so much easier and it gives me the opportunity to meet great people and great sailors, thank you very much!

  • javi_navega-share

    Thanks to them I signed up for a training activity for races in Valencia, the idea was to learn and get experience . I went when they needed people and over time I managed to become part of the team and compete with them.

  • esther2_ship-share

    The truth is that although I love the sea I have never sailed before and it was a great experience, the places we visited in Ibiza and Formentera were great and being able to drink your beers and drinks on the boat is from pm! Here I leave you a photo in a fantastic sunset ... we will repeat!

  • alfonso_navega-comparte

    I have great interest in sailing and no experience. Once I got the PER, I didn't know what to do to continue with my hobby.
    Luckily I found this website and was able to get in touch with sea lovers. In its space to contact with skippers who are looking for people to share their hobby, you can sail and I found wonderful people.



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